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 "It's Who You Know..."
Networking Principles and Strategies
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"It's Who You Know..." Networking and Winning Referrals.  Wes Holsapple shares from his "genius" on how to build your business using a strong word-of-mouth marketing plan.
Business Development Strategies, Techniques and Skills - A special presentation by Wes Holsapple. Wes shares valuable insights from his actual experience in helping organizations manuever through the maze of business development.
Romancing the Loan - Wes Holsapple interviews Larry Tyler about his upcoming book in which he shares valuable insight on what your banker needs you to do to keep that crucial relationship healthy and growing.
Organized Your Way - Susan McDaniel discusses the importance of organizing your life.  From keeping up with soccer schedules to organizing your work space.  This program is full of practical information you can use to bring order to your chaos.
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Start-Up 101
-by Wes Holsapple
Americans are starting their own businesses in record numbers. Whether it is for greater income, professional freedom or personal fulfillment, there are some important details for you to consider....Read Full Article
Referral Secrets 
- by Wes Holsapple
Referral groups have grown in popularity, especially due to the decline in the economy.  After all, sales and marketing people are chasing fewer dollars.  Referral groups have the potential to be one of your best sources for new business.  This is especially true since trust between vendor and customer is so important these days!  Determining which referral group is best for you is as important article. 
Getting Focused
- by Wes Holsapple
The terrorist attacks of 9/11 ushered in a cold reality to Americans. It was the beginning of a period of depression for many. A few weeks later, my Dad asked how I was doing. I painted a dismal vision mixed with anger and fear. He asked me what I was going to do about it.What could I possibly do that would make a difference? With a look of resolve, he article.
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